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Wreathed in Mist by Vipallica

This on the whole is a beautiful work. The composition is strong and works very well with the subject matter. The long shutter speed has created a very interesting texture on the water and a lovely play of textures as the rock rises from it.

There are just a few things I think that could improve this already strong image. There one thing that slightly bothers me about it is the edge of the rock in centre, especially around the top left of it, it looks over sharpened. I just find it fights for my eyes attention a little too much.

I think that the sky has a perfect exposure for this image, there are no blown highlights or clipped shadows, you have kept the colour vibrant but natural, which I applaud you for. However I feel that the rocks and water could do with some extra exposure, not much but enough to brighten them up to draw the viewers eye to them. I think this will emphasise the long exposure and texture of the water and increasing exposure / brightness by perhaps a stop will bring more dimension to the image.

Overall its a wonderful image, perhaps the few tweaks are more to my personal taste compared to how you took the shot , but regardless I'd love to see more like this.
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Vipallica Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my picture and to write this critique :w00t:

I wanted to take such a picture for a very long time, but I just haven't been to the right place until this summer. I spent the whole afternoon and evening searching for the right place and waiting for the sun to set.

The things you've criticised are exactly the things that made me think about not uploading this picture. It actually took a very long time until I finally decided to upload it. The oversharpened edge of the rock is exactly one of the things that bothered me too! I will try to work on it to make it less striking!

It's always great to get such a contructive comment and critique since this helps improving in the future. I'm really glad to hear that you still like the picture! :)
Captain-Marmote Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
You're welcome :)
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